An empanada is a Spanish or Latin American pastry turnover filled with a wide range of savory ingredients, which usually consist of a variety of meat, chicken, cheese, vegetables or fruits.


Their popularity has spread beyond the traditional countries like Argentina to become truly international and trendy.


Empanadas remind us of being together with family and friends, eating and sharing them at special occasions and casual celebrations.

They can be eaten as appetizers or as a meal and are perfect for office meetings, social gatherings and everything in between.


Empanadas are simple, tasty and convenient.

 - You can eat them hot, warm and cold.

 - Empanadas go great with a variety of                 beverages (wine,water,sodas,beer).

 - There are empanadas for every taste and           can  satisfy everyone’s cravings.

 - Empanadas are fun to eat and share.

 - They are ease to eat/clean/dispose.

Empanadas are ideal for:

Business events / Office parties / Lunch breaks

Staff meetings / Seminars / Pharmaceutical lunches / Family reunions / Holiday meals / Birthdays / Graduations / Classroom trainings


At Makus Empanadas, we are passionate about what we do. We love our empanadas and we want you to love them as well.




We offer fresh, delicious food that is professionally presented and reliably delivered right to your meetings, seminars, and training sessions.


Our wide variety of choices made with fresh, high quality ingredients will satisfy everyone’s cravings.


Catering from Makus Empanadas will be no hassle. When you are planning a meeting or a party, there are several things that need to be done. Let us help by taking care of the food.


The day of the event, we will bring the empanadas to your location, warm and ready to eat. We will set up the tables and the food will be put out. At your request, one caterer can stay throughout the event to refill or clean up the food.


Makus Empanadas can provide everything that you need for your catering event. This includes the trays to set up the food and it can also include the utensils, napkins, and tongs.


Catering can include empanadas of a large selection of flavors. With every order, complimentary chimichurri sauce and red-hot sauce are included.

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