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MĀ / 

Trying to figure out how to pronounce it? It’s simple: 

Make us empanadas 

as in what we do for you, all day, every day.

Our Story

Long before they got together over a few cervezas to sketch out the concept for Makus Empanadas, Hernan, Santiago, and Ricky were best friends growing up in Argentina. Inseparable since preschool, they did everything together: overturning their tricycles into a muddy ditch, battling each other in sports, and exploring Buenos Aires' nightlife.

Their list of memories is long (and quite entertaining), but two things remain constant throughout the good company and the empanadas. Whether going out with friends or gathering with family at an Asado—their pimped-out version of the American backyard barbecue—empanadas were always involved.

The guys have long dreamed of sharing their all-time favorite food—with absolutely everyone. More importantly, they want to share the strong sense of community that this little pocket of intense flavor seems to bring with it, wherever it goes. 

Their authentic recipes come from grandparents, passed down to the kids in their home kitchen. Makus Empanadas is built around the belief that good food doesn’t have to be complicated and that the best memories can be built around something as simple as a pack of empanadas.

Maybe also a good Malbec.